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How Our Drop Spreaders Work

Industry: Agricultural

GroundBuster rectangular hoppers and lime spreaders stand out due to their value, durability, framing, uniform spread pattern, and multiple sizes for confined, small, and medium areas.

GroundBuster Drop Spreaders

GroundBuster, part of the family of top-quality brands from J.R. Metal, built their reputation on first-rate drop spreaders.

two GroundBuster brand drop spreaders sitting on grass in front of mountains
Drop Spreaders are Ideal for Both Farmers and Commercial Applications

Vibration and gravity cause lawn care products to fall down the drop spreader into slanted holes. The drop spreader evenly distributes granular lawn care products onto the ground with a rotating agitator. Drop spreaders create an efficient drop pattern for even ground coating.

Each drop spreader has a defined edge placement and navigates planting beds, walkways, and water features with ease. Push and tow-behind models simplify labor, improve land, and prove GroundBuster builds excellence into every product.

All spreaders are easy-to-transport with a full-sized truck to increase delivery speed.

JR Metal: providing high quality goods and services since 1997

At JR Metal, most of our manufacturing and assembly is done in the same facility. We reduce back-and-forth with an organized floorplan to keep everything moving smoothly. We get it done by keeping our warehouse efficient so we can pass that efficiency on to our clients. Because most of our processes happen in-house, we can keep our prices competitive without compromising on quality.